Original Design Manufacturer or Original Design Manufacturing

Original Design Manufacturer means that we, the Chemsfield Korea leads all process from planning, developing to bulk manufacturing, processing, packaging, managing and delivering and provide it to a sales company or requested company. One step ahead from a passive method in processing only as requested by the customer’s product plan request, we, Chemsfield manages all from design, plan to final product. Usually, a professional manufacturer that has high technique uses this, and OEM manufacturer often does ODM as well.
We manage all process of the production in server to maximize the trust between us and the customer in ODM type of transaction. Therefore, customers can always participate and manage all process of the production from anywhere conveniently through this advanced smart management system.


Original Equipment Manufacturer or, Original Equipment Manufacturing

Original Equipment Manufacturer is an entrusted production management plan that means that we, Chemsfield only completes all processing from bulk manufacturing, filling, processing and final product manufacturing the product that was planned and developed by the requester except the development process of the product, but the product will be marked with the customer’s specific tag and delivered.
In operating such OEM type of entrusted production management, our company automatically converts all processing of the production into data as ODM type to gain trust of the customers. Thus, customers can participate and manage all process of the production from anywhere anytime conveniently with this advanced smart management system.