• 2018
    Employment Creating Support- Minister’s Award of Employment and Labor (Group)
    Selected for export voucher support business of SBC
    Certified as outstanding employment company of Gyeonggi-do (2018~2022)
    Best award of Green Management Grand Prize
  • 2017
    Selected as an outstanding prospective export product by SBC
    Started a shop in Overseas online B2C sales site Lazada
    Received Industrial Safety and Sanitary Grand Prize
    KEITI (Environmental Industry & Technology Institute) Environmental Performance Certification - Carbon footprint certification
    Received best award of Green Management Grand Prize
    Selected as an outstanding SBC product by SBC Venture business part
  • 2016
    LOHAS certification
    Completed Chemsfield LTF Yeoncheon’s integrated production line of liquid - powder type - set assembly
    Selected as outstanding employment company of Gyeonggi-do
    Selected as prospective export oriented company
    Increased capital fund
    Received best award in Green Management Grand Prize
    Acquired environmental mark for Environment friendly household living care product
    Received Governor’s Award of Gyeonggi province
    Received Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Director’s Award
  • 2015
    Started art collaboration with a fabric artist Dr. Misun Jang
    Founded Northern Federation of Gyeonggi-do Exporters Association in LTF
    Its baking soda production broke the domestic largest manufacturing record
    Signed a Swiss Scientific & Technology Partnership agreement
    Certification for ISO 9001 ISO-14001
    Increased capital fund
    Built the 2nd factory and company building
  • 2014
    Established additional research center (LTF Yeoncheon MAJI Lab)
    Bought construction site for the 2nd factory (Yeoncheon Baekhak Industrial Town 12,000m2)
    Certified for Venture Company
    Manufactured and supplied container and refill pouch type for baking soda product, baking soda based refrigerator scent remover, liquid detergent, kitchen detergent etc by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer(ODM) to numerous famous domestic companies
    Started the operation of the 1st domestic factory
    Started domestic production of baking soda product
  • 2013
    Started overseas production of baking soda product
  • 2008
    Selected as main research center for International joint research of Korea for Connect and Development business between C&D countries by Ministry of Environment (Registered as technical scientist No. 11116756 on ministry of Future creation science)
    Designated China Shanghai Environmental Science Center as an entrusted research organization and started joint research and localization of environment friendly product
    Received award of Ministry of Environment
  • 2007
    Designated Brenntag Swiss as an exclusive sales agency for EU market and started export of environment friendly products to not only Eastern and Western European countries including Switzerland, France, and Germany but also to North America, Sourth America, Hong Kong, China and South Eastern Asian Countries.
    Registered domestic and overseas patent on Trimercapto-s-triazins-Trisodium salt
  • 2006
    Founded Shanghai branch
  • 2005
    Cooperation with Swiss CU Chem-On
    Registered patent for mixture method of Oxygen type bleach (particle shape and sodium carbonate that is outstanding dissolution in water
  • 1999
    Changed to corporation
  • 1993
    Founded Chemsfield Korea. 3V Sigma S.p.A Italy
    Started cooperation with 3V International S.A. Swiss etc.