• New place, new start

    Chemsfield first founded in 1993 was reborn to ‘LTF(LCs The First) Yeoncheon’ in 2015 with the love for nature, neighbor and customer. The First means reborn instead of the first, and we tried to express the starting new at Yeoncheon.
  • Ironically nature is preserved in the barrier between the broken countries

    Baekhak-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun of Gyeonggido is where LTF Yeoncheon business department is located, and it is geologically close to Seoul although it is in northern part of the metropolitan area. However, for a long time, this area was prohibited for development due to military reason, and therefore, ironically, its nature given by the grace of heaven was able to be preserved and remained clean and pure. Also, geologically, Yeoncheon is located in the center of Korea, so we are expecting it to be the center of the future unified Korea and it is also pure LOHAS area that is even more famous for clean water and air in addition to its abundant tourist sites and prehistoric heritage sites.
  • ‘Reborn’

    ‘Reborn’ not just refers to the new start of building high end new factory in the new place with best facility and operation system, but the fundamental belief and will to make a new milestone of household living care product manufacturing business including laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dishwashing detergent. This is why ‘detergent becomes cosmetic at Chemsfield’.
  • ‘New’

    We believe ‘water’ is the most important ingredient. Therefore, we filtered the clean water of Yeoncheon into another perfect filtering process to transform it to ‘the best water of Korea’. We believe our ‘new’ task is to hold the natural ingredients in this water and process it with eco-friendly measure. Thus, our best water purification plant MAJI W.P.P., is called MAJI Lab, the result of R&D. Maji means ‘water’ in Swahili (A language of African country Swahili).

Nonetheless, it is truly hard to obtain the ‘trust of the customer in manufacturing process.’ Thus, we try to make a best customer trust system. We automated every processing and all production process into data. Since all data are stored and recorded and none can be hidden, customers can surely trust the product. We proudly present this hardware and software system, which are the manufacturing system, production management system and quality control system even to any buyers around the world. For the first time in the detergent industry, we are equipped with sterile clean room in filling facility. We are thoroughly checking the quality of original water (drinking water), filtered water, semi-finished product, complete product and even the air quality inside the production site.

LTF values the equality among all staff from the new staff to the CEO, and all employees use the same sized desk and chair. There’s no wall between the desks and there’s no separate room for CEO or executives. When employees make eye contact with another, they share big smile and laugh transforming the workplace into a joyful place.

Art and the collaboration

A collaboration of art and industry! This is not just to make things cool, but to add great design onto the great product. With such innovative thinking, LTF supports many creative artists both in and out of the country regardless of the genre. As a start of this, we will be doing fabric art collaboration with Dr. Misun Jang, an internationally famous Quilt artist for the first time in the history of household living care products. We believe our customers will be pleased and encourage us of this new tryout.